Best cheap camera in 2021

Today we’ll discuss the most major problem, for every individual who starts shooting video – which activity camera to pick in 2021? Besides, this inquiry might emerge among individuals who as of now have insight into such gadgets, and even among experienced bloggers. What are the best options for the best digital camera under 200 USD?

Activity cameras under $ 85 – SJCAM SJ4000 and SJ4000 Wi-Fi

Section level activity cameras are essentially intended to acquaint you with this kind of gadget. This is the very premise that will assist you with seeing that it is so intriguing to you, and overall whether you need to shoot your recordings. Taking a gander at the actual lower part of the market, you may feel that it is hard to pick a nice gadget since it is accepted that these cameras don’t have the best picture quality and rather an average sound. Yet at the same time, even here there are astounding gadgets.

Purchasing a SJCAM SJ4000 will be an extraordinary beginning in the event that you have never grasped an activity camera in your life, you actually don’t see very well whether you need it by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, presently we are not discussing a gadget for an astonishing website. This camera, in its substance, is a utilitarian arrangement – on the grounds that at its cost we get all that we can, and surprisingly somewhat more.

Concerning the second form of this camera – SJ4000 Wi-Fi, as far as qualities and capacities, it is totally equivalent to the standard one. The lone distinction is the presence of a Wi-Fi module (really from the name, I think this is reasonable). Purchasing an activity camera with Wi-Fi will be an or more, on account of which you can without much of a stretch view the recording on your cell phone or tablet, and, if essential, download it.


  • value quality proportion
  • enormous shooting point
  • incredible hardware.


  • calm sound
  • normal nature of shooting in low light
  • little showcase.

Activity cameras under $ 150 – SJCAM and GitUP

It’s most likely worth beginning with the GiTUp Git 2 Pro camera. The expense at the hour of this composing is UAH 3135 ($ 110). Thinking about its expense – this camera, by right, can be viewed as the most budgetary one with help for outer mouthpieces and controllers. The GitUP Git 2 Pro camera is additionally outstanding for the way that the producer contemplates its purchaser – it promptly accompanies a defensive box and a bunch of embellishments. 

It is a vital expansion, which makes these cameras contrast the foundation of renowned brands. The following element of this camera is unquestionably the miniature HDMI connector. In addition, you don’t have to change the camera settings. You simply need to interface the camera with a link, and it will consequently open the saw material on a TV or screen. What’s more, the camera has a mode that permits you to associate it with a quadcopter.

As for the quality of shooting – the maximum resolution in this model is 2560×1440 at 30 frames. FHD can be shot as early as 60 frames. As for the controls in the camera, everything is in the “old-school” style, or rather, as it was implemented in GoPro cameras before the appearance of the touchscreen: 

  • start/stop recording; 
  • power and modes button; 
  • menu up / down buttons. 


  • HDMI connector
  • controller support
  • support for outer mouthpieces


  • calm sound on the underlying mouthpiece
  • normal nature of shooting in low light
  • little showcase.
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